BAYALA – Out of the Vaults

6, 13 & 20 January

A rare collection of items relating to the history of Sydney language
UTS City of Sydney State Library Create NSW Aus Gov ILA
State Library of NSW
Gallery Room
Macquarie Street
Sydney NSW 2000

6, 13 & 20 January at 1.30pm

90 mins

State Library of NSW | Australia


Bayala means ‘speak’ in local language.

It’s a sharing and celebration of the Indigenous heritage of Sydney and the growing movement to reawaken local language.

Get up close and personal with rare collection items relating to the history of Sydney language. Be one of the few to lay eyes on these records rarely seen by the public.

Out of the Vaults is an opportunity to share in the history and knowledge of the communities and individuals who live in and around Sydney.

Coastal Sydney

With Ronald Briggs and Michael Ingrey

6 January

Michael Ingrey, a founding member of the Library’s Indigenous Advisory group, will join librarian and curator Ronald Briggs to discuss and display archival material documenting the long and unbroken presence of Aboriginal people living on coastal Sydney. The collections dispel the idea that the Aboriginal history of Sydney can be divided into two distinct phases – pre-colonial and post-colonial – and prove that contrary to recent narratives Aborigines stayed on through colonisation and forged relationships and economic connections with Europeans.

A History of Bennelong Point

with Melissa Jackson

13 January

Librarian and specialist Melissa Jackson had completed extensive research of the State Library’s archives and has uncovered fascinating stories about the geographical and social history of Bennelong Point. Using personal paper, photographs and architectural plans Melissa will explore the history of the famous landmark that is Sydney Harbour.

Sydney Elders

with Ronald Briggs and Jonathan Jones

20 January

In 2018 the State Library will open Sydney Elders, a new exhibition curated by Jonathan Jones. Sydney Elders reflects the diversity of the local Sydney Aboriginal community by placing elders’ stories at the centre of knowledge. Through active consultation elders have responded to items in the Library’s collection. Ronald and Jonathan will discuss different collection items and the complexities around how Aboriginal knowledge and stories are held, told and supported through institutions like the Library.

A State Library of NSW presentation.

Photo: Jamie Williams

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