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Highly Sprung

11–21 January

The physical theatre experts deliver a spectacular and interactive trampoline show
City of Parramatta
Prince Alfred Square
Circus City
Cnr Church Street and Market Street
Parramatta 2510

12, 13, 19 & 20 JANUARY AT 3.30PM & 6.30PM
14 & 21 JANUARY AT 2PM & 5.30PM

PERFORMANCE 25 mins & free jumping on selected dates

Legs on the Wall | Australia


Legs On The Wall bring their multi-level, outdoor trampoline playground to Circus City with Highly Sprung. Free performances of sky-high storytelling by these acrobat experts are followed by audience bounce-offs, where you get the chance to leap and bound.

Highly Sprung is a spectacle of trampolining expertise, as four performers mix theatre, dance, parkour, tramp and street art in a jumping, spinning, flying and falling story about overcoming everyday hurdles.

You’re invited to kick off your shoes and have a bounce, aided by Legs On The Wall’s trained performers during the free jumping sessions. 

Free Performance Times

11 January at 6pm (followed by free jumping) 
12, 13, 19 & 20 January at 3.30pm & 6.30pm (followed by free jumping)  
14 January at 2pm & 5.30pm (followed by free jumping) 
16 January at 6.30pm (followed by free jumping) 
17 January at 5pm (followed by free jumping) 
18 January at 6pm (followed by free jumping) 
21 January at 2pm & 5.30pm (followed by free jumping) 

Free Jumping Times

11 January at 6.30pm
12, 13, 19 & 20 January at 4pm & 7pm
14 January at 2.30pm & 6pm
16 January at 7pm
17 January at 5.30pm
18 January at 6.30pm
21 January at 2.30pm & 6pm 

Trampowall Workshops

For the more enthusiastic acrobats in training, Highly Sprung offers free trampoline workshops for ages 8+. Facilitated by the performers and Legs on the Wall's artistic directors, the workshops include fundamental safety training and are tailored to participants, exploring creative and athletic trampoline tricks. ‘Trampowall’ workshops require registration and are limited to 15 people per session. 

14 & 21 January at 3.30pm
16 January at 4.30pm
17 January at 3pm
18 January at 4pm

* Please note: parent/carer is required to remain in the space for the duration of the session. Children cannot be left unattended. If parents wish to participate, you must also book a ticket. 

Photo: Alex Hunt

Please note: only the Highly Sprung performances are wheelchair accessible

Read the Circus City program on Issuu > >

Download a PDF of the Circus City program > >

Legs on the Wall blasts physical theatre into a new dimension
The Sun Herald
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