Circus Industry Forum

17 & 18 JANUARY

NOTE – this forum is held in two locations: Studio 404 & Riverside Theatres which are within easy walking distance of each other
Riverside Theatres
Corner Church and Market Streets
Parramatta 2150
17 January at 9am
18 January at 9am


Note: the forum will be held in venues at Riverside Theatres and Studio 404, which are within easy walking distance of each other.

The 2018 Circus Industry Forum is a wide-ranging two-day industry event for members of the Australian circus community led by professional artists and arts workers.


DAY ONE (Wednesday 17 January)


Arrival at Studio 404 and registration


Broad Visions and Big Ideas

An Open Space visioning session reflecting on where we are as an industry and where we are heading, facilitated by Joshua Hoare and Harley Mann.


Break for lunch (lunch not provided), and walk to Riverside Theatres


Unpacking Form and Genre

A detailed discussion featuring artists Sue Broadway, John-Paul Zaccarini and Sally Richardson and facilitated by Alex Talamo on how we can redefine the growing art form of circus in Australia. What are the sub-genres in our art form and what language can we use to define these different forms?


DAY TWO (Thursday 18 January)


Arrival at Riverside Theatres and registration


Circus and the Collective

A conversation between an Australian artist (Jess Love) and an international artist (Jean-Paul Zaccarini) about the process of creation and making circus work. Moderated by Alex Talamo.


Break, and walk to Riverside Theatres


Break-out Sessions

Delegates will participate in small group discussions responding to provocations raised in the morning session. This will be an opportunity to process ideas, delve deeper, and unpack your thoughts with other industry professionals.

Break, and walk to Studio 404


Seeing and Sharing Circus

What are the challenges we face in touring and sharing our work? How can we overcome these challenges? Join Tarah Carey (Gravity Dolls), Julian Louis (NORPA) and Deb Wilks (Cluster Arts) in a discussion moderated by Craig Harrison (Gravity & Other Myths) that will hone in on the small-to-medium sector, and focus on how touring opportunities can affect the creation of work.


Lunch break, and walk to Studio 404 (lunch not provided)


Rethinking the Status Quo

A series of small group discussions on focus issues within the industry. Each group will have a facilitator and provocateur to guide conversation. Attendees will have the opportunity to be part of two different discussions throughout the session.

- Family, with Chelsea McGuffin (Company 2)

- Gender, with Charmaine Childs (Strong Lady Productions)

- Inclusive and Integrated Practice, with Emma J. Hawkins (Independent Artist)

- Mental Health, with Jodie Farrugia (Flying Fruit Fly Circus) and Dr Jan Orman (Black Dog Institute)




Debrief and Next Steps

As the forum draws to a close, we’ll come together for a final debrief that will recap the two days of discussions, focusing on where we want to go next, and what actions we’ll need to take to get there.


Wrap-up drinks

Join us for an informal celebration in the Circus Oz Tent as we say goodbye to the 2018 Circus Industry Forum.

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